Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fantasy House at French Creek Beach


It doesn't look real, does it? Andrew snapped this picture during the summer when we were up on Vancouver Island. We took a day trip to the west coast of the Island to French Creek beach. It's a little blurry because Andrew had the camera on extreme zoom. I would love to live in this house and be able to see the ocean like this every day. I bet it is a spectacular place to be in a storm. I would love a house with a turret one day.

The ocean itself was misty, and Andrew really liked the idea that you couldn't see anything in the distance - that if you kept going, you would eventually hit Japan.


The mist eventually cleared up, and the sky was crystal clear until some fighter jets started doing manueuvers above us. They were pretty high up and I couldn't figure out just what was making the circle in the sky at first.


I've often thought that I would like to live in an isolated place like this. The idea of living in a lighthouse appeals to me - I watched a program a while back about lighthouses in the U.K. - how so many of them are automated and no longer need human caretakers - of if they do, just a person who comes in once a week to check on the computers and clean things up. That depresses me a bit, but it was also heartening to see that many of these lighthouses had been converted into small hotels and B&Bs. I think in this time of being able to order virtually anything off the internet that living in an isolated place would not be nearly as stressful or desolate as it once may have been.


mom said...

I remember that day - most of it was enjoyable...except for a one temper tantrum.....
Love & Hugs

Megan said...

Living in an isolated place only sucks if you like going out and doing things (movies, sporting events, wandering the mall, etc). If you're happy to chill at home or make your own fun then it's really not so bad - that's one reason I lasted so long in the Arctic.
The only thing I couldn't order online was my groceries and believe me, I looked into it.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

I'm with you! I'd want to live in that house with such a stunning, peaceful view!