Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sleep, Or Lack Of It

Piper2 001

Sadly, this is the normal state of affairs in our house. Piper doesn't sleep well - and as you can see from the book I am reading on the right, we have resorted to reading a book to learn how to get Piper to sleep through the night. In many ways we were spoiled with Willow - she slept through the night from 4 months on. Piper. Well. For example, Saturday night we had a Guy Fawkes party, and I ended up putting Piper to bed around 8pm. She was up at 10pm, 11:15pm, 12:00am, 2:30am, and then 4:30am. So much for grabbing that extra hour of sleep. Then she will switch it up and give us a good night - like last night when she went to bed at 8:30pm and slept until nearly 4am. Our bodies feel a bit haywire right now because you just never know what you are going to get from night to night.


Kaye said...

I've often said if Chunky had the same temperament as Moochie, he would have been an only child. I totally understand this!

Jorie said...

Love the photo, Jo. I had a similar night last night too. Sadie was sleeping decent until she literally started getting like 6 teeth at once. Honestly I do feel bad for her, it would suck to be so uncomfortable that you can't sleep. I think the Motrin doesn't help all that much either because the drooling really upsets her stomach. Teething must suck. But, at least it is finite. (Sadie is 14 months and only has four teeth - ugh we have so many more to go.)

Shan said...

My kids were like that too. They eventually grew out of it, but I had the advantage of not having to go back to work, so I could follow the baby's schedule.

Discoknits said...

Oh Jo, I have felt your pain. In fact, last night was another one of those, "get in bed with Mommy" nights. I never sleep well on those. It has been 8 years in total for me now. My first was only a nightmare for his first 4 years, but this 2nd one..... And he had started out so well - he was an angel sleeper until 2yrs old.
Anyway, this is exactly why we only have 2 kids. I was practically insane from sleep deprivation.
Good luck with the ferberisation of Piper! She's full of the cuteness, but I do not envy you this bit.

Mel R said...

B has almost never slept through the night since ever or napped either. I thought I would lose my mind but at least I didn't have to work and could go with the flow. If I'd had to work I am not sure how I would have done it. I've heard questionable opinions about "ferberizing" but honestly don't know much about it as I've never read the book. I think I had the Dr. Sears sleep book at one point. I don't remember. I was sleep deprived. LOL