Saturday, November 12, 2011

Willow Cleopatra


Willow has a thing for Cleopatra - I'm not even really sure where this began, but she has been fascinated with Egyptian history and mythology since she was 3 or 4 years old. When she was that little, I just couldn't stand watching children's programming ad nauseum, so I made her a deal. We could watch one of her shows, then we would switch to one of mine, then back to her - so she definitely had her fair share of documentaries in her formative years. Earlier this year she wrote her Grade 3 biography book report on Cleopatra, she watched the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra movie, and she had even intended to be Cleopatra for Halloween until the whole Renn Faire thing came along. I was in Target the day after Halloween, and I found one last Cleopatra costume (half-price!) in the next size up (or so I thought). I had intended for her to be able to use it next year, but at the rate she is growing, it might just end up being playclothes. Sigh... a scant 6 inches separates us now and she is closing in fast.


Discoknits said...

My boys are the same, closing in fast. Teddy promises he'll still be nice to me when he's taller than me. Phew!
I love the cleopatra costume.

Zonda said...

Love her costume! Who knows she may be able to wear it next year. My son loves that he's taller as he looks down and sees my gray hairs!