Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WiP It Wednesday

Here it is, people - my 999th post. Are you ready for the contest tomorrow?

I've had a few days off prior to Thanksgiving, so I have been watching lots of television I missed the first time around on Netflix and knitting up a storm. People were curious why I sent my girls to daycare when I had the time off... Well, mostly people who don't have kids ask that question. I love my girls terribly - but I really needed some quiet time. I went to coffee shops, had lattes, tried on some pants in the department store (bah humbug), and hung out at my LYS. In any case, here is what I have been working on this week:


Rosy Diamond Leaf Cowl (Rav Link). I'm almost done this one - only about 1.25 more repeats to go.


My own pattern socks. I think I am going to try these again with a solid or semi-solid and then write up the pattern. There is some openwork involved, but the stripes in the yarn disguise the lace. These two very much fraternal twins, aren't they?

I have to tell you - this photoshoot took much longer than anticipated because my assistant was a little too helpful:


And Cristi - I bet your Dad never thought he was creating baby toys when he was making sock forms, did he?


Piper was pushing them around as if they were toy cars - and even know as I look over at her she is carrying one of the feet around.

And Tara - I have the yarn for your slouchy hat:


Now to get started!


Kaye said...

Too funny!

And I don't know about your daycares but we still have to pay even for days they aren't there....might as well get your money's worth!

tara said...

I totally understand. ;)