Monday, August 29, 2005

Koolaid Collection, part 2

Mango Koolaid Posted by Picasa

Ooh... look what I found at the grocery store last night! Andrew thinks it hilarious that I am collecting packets of Koolaid with no intention of using them until next summer. Teri - I hope you are ready for this! This is a very golden - almost peachy - yellow colour.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Case of Clap... Clapotis, that is

I just found out that in two weeks I will be going on a dinner cruise whilst on a business trip. Of course, my first panicked thought was that I have no clue what to wear to one of these things. I am a homebody, and I will be the absolute first to admit it. I had started a Clapotis (see it at ) while on Vancouver Island, but I decided the yarn I originally chose was better suited for a sweater for Willow, so I frogged it. After work yesterday I ran out to my LYS to get a small present for my SP5 person, and while there I picked up 3 skeins of Cascade Quattro to begin a clapotis. The yarn is neat - it is 4-ply, as implied by 'quattro' and each ply is a different colour. This particular colourway has one strand red, one strand mango-orange, one strand beige, and the last a rose pink. The cumulative effect is that the stole is turning out to be a strawberry red - and it is a very warm colour. I have one more round of the increase rows and then I begin on the straight rows this morning. I will post a picture once I have dropped a few stitches.

While buying the wool, I was undecided between the colourway I bought and a darker one that was burgundy/reddish. I held up the two on either side of my face and asked the owner and employees which one looked better on me. They all said the lighter one, and the owner said, "Oh, someone as young as you shouldn't be wearing dark colours like that." I was flattered, but this woman couldn't have been more than 20 years older than I am - and the differences between thirty-something and fifty-something are not as great as between 20 and 40. I couldn't sleep last night and I was thinking about this - there used to be a television series (thirtysomething) about my age group - affairs, children, job woes, divorce, etc. and at first I thought that was absurd - but then I thought about my circles of friends and co-workers and thought maybe the show isn't so far off after all.

Monday, August 22, 2005

100 Things About Me (for Knitty's SP5)

Okay, I am participating in a Secret Pal exchange on Knitty, and someone recommended writing up one hundred items about yourself to help your partner in choosing gifts for you... so here we go:

100. I'm Canadian
99. ... married to an American
98. ... and living in the US.
97. The US is the third country I have lived in.
96. I lived in Japan for three years.
95. I would love to go back to Japan but dread the flight.
94. I wish I had been interested in knitting while in Japan.
93. I am the oldest of three girls.
92. All three of us knit and/or crochet.
91. So does nearly all the other women in my family.
90. Despite #91, it was not any woman in my family who taught me to knit.
89. I learned at a class at Michael's just before I found out I was pregnant with Willow.
88. I would love to have another child.
87. I have 5 different baby things I need to make this year for friends.
86. I have only started one item.
85. I wish I could knit at work.
84. It's not completely silly idea - I have some downtime.
83. I love browsing online yarn shops.
82. I have them on 'My Favorites' at home and at work.
81. My current favourite knitting blog is "Knit and Tonic."
80. I think my knitting blog desperately needs work compared to some others I have seen.
79. I need to learn some HTML.
78. I think I have given myself carpal tunnel from knitting too much.
77. I have a walk-in closet full of yarn.
76. I'm not kidding. Do you think that stops me from buying more?
75. Uh... No.
74. I hide yarn purchases from my husband.
73. I'm getting better - instead of buying yarn randomly I try to buy for projects in mind.
72. I probably have about 10 projects on tap.
71. I just finished a Manos de Uruguay hat and loved the wool.
70. I would knit with it more, but am afraid that DH (who does most of the laundry) would felt whatever I knit.
69. I wish I knew how to design knitwear.
68. I mean, I have ideas, but I don't know the math needed to construct a garment.
67. I have never knit a single item as written in a pattern - it always has some kind of variation on my part.
66. Usually it is cropping the sweater and making the bust fuller to accomodate my figure.
65. I want to knit myself a vest.
64. A tunic-like one with side vents, V-neck, and maybe cables.
63. I couldn't believe how easy cables were once I figured them out!
62. I taught myself with a Barbara Walker knitting pattern treasury from the library.
61. My local library system has an amazing knitting book selection.
60. My favourite knitting library book so far has been the Green Mountain Spinnery book.
59. My friend Asami has been on the receiving end of the greatest number of my creations.
58. Asami's Mom, Keiko knitted me a vest when I lived in Japan.
57. Knitting in children's books and cartoons annoys me to no end because it is rarely drawn right.
56. In one episode of 'Little Bill', Alice the Great (the grandmother) pulled her knitting needles out of her project when she had to get up to go into another room.
55. Pulling the needles out of one of my projects would cause me to have a heart attack.
54. Willow pulled the needles out of a scarf I was knitting once - I started hyperventilating and DH whisked her away into another room.
53. Willow doesn't touch my knitting anymore, even though it sits in a basket on the sofa.
52. She thinks everything I knit is for her.
51. She's not far off.
50. I want to knit her a top-down raglan sweater before November.
49. Yes - I already have purchased the yarn.
48. 'Sitcom Chic' was the first sweater I tried knitting for myself.
47. It now belongs to my sister, Teri.
46. I am now knitting Knitty's 'Sweetness' pattern for myself.
45. Out of yarn I originally intended for a baby blanket.
44. I don't care for bamboo needles - they break too easily.
43. I have a Needlemaster set and I don't care for them too much, either.
42. They are sort of my knitting equivalent to a utility player in baseball.
41. My favourite needles are my Aero circulars - but I can only buy those in Canada.
40. The next time I come up I am bringing a list of the circs I already have so I can buy the ones I don't have.
39. I do have some straights, but I find them awkward because my forearms are so short.
38. Did I fail to mention I am short? I like to tell people I am 5 feet tall on a good day with thick socks.
37. This means I always have to shorten sleeves as well... hence the reason why I want to knit a vest.
36. I prefer variagation over uniform colour.
35. I would like to learn know to do the magic loop.
34. I wish I found sock knitting more appealing - because I love sock yarn.
33. I knit my dad a pair of red socks a few years ago and was so proud of myself.
32. I don't care for knitting with cotton.
31. I have a very tight tension and cotton makes my hands ache after a short while.
30. My favourite 'utility yarn' is Plymouth Encore.
29. The most I have ever spent on one project is about $45 USD on a scarf made out of Plymouth's Sinsation yarn... so slinky and well-named!
28. I now know you can buy it much cheaper online - especially if you buy a bag of 10 skeins.
27. I've never bought yarn from Ebay, but it looks intriguing.
26. I loved dyeing wool with Koolaid and I can't wait to try it again.
25. I need to find something to make with the yarn I already dyed - I'm getting tired of knitting hats.
24. I have never knit anything for my husband.
23. He has asked me to and I have tried, but nothing has worked out.
22. My brother-in-law Stewart knows how to knit!
21. He's a Montessori teacher and he taught his class to knit.
20. Willow likes to pretend she is knitting. I crochet a small square and let her destroy it at will.
19. I wonder how long I have to wait before teaching her in earnest?
18. Fair Isle and intarsia scare me - I don't like changing colours midstream at the best of times.
17. I've tried to get two different SnBs started and neither has been a roaring success - I'm still trying, though.
16. I get a little jealous when I see online pics of other people's successful SnBs.
15. I saw online they are now making yarn from banana skins - I'd like to try and knit with that.
14. I'm amazed at the diversity in the online knitting community.
13. I'd love to go on a roadtrip vacation visiting different alpaca farms and knitting stores. But DH would have to drive so I can knit in the car.
12. I always have a 'car project' (aka monotonous knitting) for when I have to wait.
11. I find knitting lowers my blood pressure
10. ... so I do it in the dr's office before my appointments.
9. Why did I always believe wool was itchy and yucky? I love wool!
8. I'm an Autumn.
7. I'm not entirely sure what my real hair colour is - somewhere between chocolate brown and dark auburn. Currently it is dark chocolate coloured.
6. Ironically - I really don't like eating dark chocolate.
5. I like to watch (listen to) documentaries while I knit.
4. I use the long tail cast on and am eerily accurate with guessing how much tail I need.
3. I like to use crochet hooks to cast off my edges.
2. I find that the TV show 'Knitty Gritty' grates on my nerves.
1. I love Knitty and want to make 75% of the stuff in their archives!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Actual Size

Actual Size Posted by Picasa

Again - aren't the colours so cool?! The pattern is a simple hat in the round - the pattern was in the Winter 2004 Creative Knitting. The pattern called for Noro Kureyon but I adapted it for the Manos.

Finishe Object - Manos Hat

Manos Hat Posted by Picasa

Okay, this isn't the supercool picture I had envisioned because the photographer was snitty and in a hurry... however, I HAVE A FINISHED OBJECT! It has been a while due to vacations, being too hot to knit, toddler time , etc. I bought this yarn (Manos de Uruguay wool) from Garden of Yarn back in May when my sister Teri was visiting. I had originally intended this to be a hat for my dad, consiidering the fact that he felted the first one I knit for him. Dad - if you want this one, you better let me know ASAP... and don't worry - you can felt this one and still have room to spare (see next photo...). I love this dark red colourway!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Koolaid - So Cool!

Koolaid Obsession Posted by Picasa

As you know, my sister Teri and I had a ball dyeing wool with Koolaid while visiting my parents during our vacation... and this has spawned a new obsession... buying all the weird and wonderful Koolaid packages that I can find. I found these at Safeway last night - L to R:

  • Arctic Green Apple - a soft pale green colour
  • Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade - a bright sky blue colour
  • Changing Cherry Magic Twists - okay, this one is the dark horse.. the package says "green drink mix turn(s) into a blue drink" and both the green and blue on the package are dark colours

There was more, too - but I limited myself to buying only three...

Monday, August 15, 2005


I need a finished object in the worst way, If someone looked at my blog right now, they would think that I specialized in swatches because that is all that shows in the last month or so. I'm not a sock knitter (although I have knit socks in the past and am fascinated by it) so that quick finished object avenue is out. I've seen the "One Skein Wonder" on many people's blogs - but frankly, a teeny tiny shrug over my fleshy shoulders would be just inviting negative comments - ditto for any knitted tank or camisole.

This is what is currently on the needles:

Knitty "Sweetness" pullover
- I'm only about 70% finished. Maybe about 5" more and I will be joining the sleeves to the body and it will be short work from there.

Manos de Uruguay hat
- So close to being finished it's not funny. I just need to switch the to DPNs and close up the hat. That may be my closer at tomorrow's SnB... that is if anyone shows up. I think everyone is on vacation.

Yellow fingering weight baby hat (AKA car project)
- Umm... I was working on this today while waiting in the doctor's office. I'd say this is about 60% finished.

Laptop Bag from the current IK issue
- Just started - maybe have finished 5" of it and it needs 44".

Pink Crocheted Baby Blanket
- Again, recently started and it is only about 5" wide - probably will be 36" in the end.

- I'm putting this last because I am going to frog her anyway - I'm not liking the way the wool is all wavering so I am going to take it apart and make Willow a sweater out of it instead.

So, does anyone have a quick cure for 'needfinishedobject-itis'?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Too Hot to Knit

Gack. It takes the airconditioning a few hours to get the apartment to a pleasant temperature and I just haven't been in the mood to seriously knit. It did start working on the felted laptop bad (which I will use as a book bag) from the current issue of Interweave Knits.

I have been in a book reading mood instead (at least that doesn't require having wool draped over you) and with my handy-dandy B&N gift card I received for from Andrew for our anniversary I bought Storm Constantine's Wraeththu omnibus edition. It's interesting to read a male (well, sort of, technically - let's say not-female) dominated story written by a woman.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Teri's Second Attempt

Black Cherry Yarn Posted by Picasa

This one is really cool - after my Sherbert yarn, I like this one best. I'm really excited to try this again - after doing two I have some definite ideas of colours and methods I'd like to dye again.

Jo's second attempt

Cotton Candy Yarn Posted by Picasa

This one was okay, but I like the sherbet one better.

Teri's First Attempt

Grape Yarn Posted by Picasa

Actual Knitting Content

Sherbet Yarn Posted by Picasa

Just so you think the blog was going to be bereft of knitting content, here are our koolaid dyed Knitpicks yarn. I'm calling this one my sherbet yarn - in real life it is much more muted. This was my favourite of the bunch.

Willow and Gramma

Willow and Gramma Posted by Picasa

The last picture taken on vacation... Mom and Dad - thanks for such a wonderful time!

One thing we did that hasn't been documented was that Andrew, Teri, Jaime, Mom, and I all went inner-tubing down the Cowichan River. It was about a 3 hour trip and it was a complete blast! And better yet - I didn't get a sunburn!

Bathing Beauty Posted by Picasa

Parksville Beach

Parksville Beach Posted by Picasa

We spent out last Saturday on Vancouver Island at the beach - rather, beaches. The first beach we went to was Parksville Beach, where this picture was taken. Fellow East-coasters - can you believe how bare of people this beach is? This is about 12:30pm on a Saturday afternoon! It was about 80'F and very sunny - you would be bumping into people left, right, and center if this was New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland! After this we went to Qualicum Beach so we could have fish and chips (oh so good!) on the beach. I changed into my swimsuit and Willow and I played in the surf. Willow was toppled by a wave and came up spluttering, "It's salty!!!"

Willow and her Twin

Willow and Her Twin Posted by Picasa

Many many years ago - I think I may have been 7 or 8, Auntie Daryth made me and my sisters all muslin dolls that look like us. I still have my doll - I have used it to model baby clothes in this blog, and Willow plays with it regularly. Now she has a twin of her own - and her twin got a few changes of clothing and a real quilt all of her own! The eyes aren't quite the same, but other than that the likeness is uncanny :)

Three Girls in Hats and One Without

Three Girls in Hats and One Without Posted by Picasa

My Auntie Daryth gave us all these sunhats while on vacation. You shake your head and the beads make it sound like it is raining - very typical for British Columbia! Willow didn't get one, but that's okay - she has already made a claim to mine...

The Summer Birthday Girls

The Summer Birthday Girls Posted by Picasa

We had a joint birthday party while on Vancouver Island for the three summer birthday girls. My sister Teri turned 30-something in July, Willow turned 3, and my Auntie Daryth will turn 50-something in August. As you can see, Willow got into the cake (Weight Watchers Pineapple Angelgood with light Cool Whip and fresh blackberries) before anyone else did!

Firefighter Willow and Firefighter Guy

Firefighters Willow and Guy Posted by Picasa

My Dad is a volunteer fireman at the Honeymoon Bay Firehall and he brought Willow (his fireman-obsessed granddaughter) down to take some pictures. At first he had her dressed up in his outfit, but then John the Fire Chief came in and showed Dad where they keep the child-sized outfit. Willow is such a lucky girl!

Matching Farmers

Matching Farmers Posted by Picasa

My Auntie Daryth made the vest my Dad is wearing about 3 years ago and he wears it at Christmas and other special occasions. A few weeks ago, she found the overalls Willow is wearing at Goodwill for $3.50 and it is made out of the same material as Dad's vest, so she knew she had to get it. It fits her like a dream!

Honeymoon Bay Days

Willow Riding a Pony at Bay Days Posted by Picasa

Here is a picture of Willow riding a pony at the Honeymoon Bay Days. She loves horses, and this is the biggest horse she has ever been on. I was so surprised she stayed on for the 3 turns around the loop!