Thursday, May 30, 2013

Willow's Spring Concert

Willow had her Spring Chorus Concert this afternoon, but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. Andrew was, and he took these wonderful videos for me:

 Part 1:


 Part 2:


 Seriously - can I tell you how much I love this camera!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gotta Get This Kid Music Lessons

I was going to call this Piper's musical debut, but then I realized I have other videos up on the blog of Piper and I singing together. So - change of plans. Without further ado, here is the world-wide premiere of Piper's new hit single, "Everybody Jump and Jump!"


 All kidding aside, she was sitting there strumming her guitar (and Willow's auto-harp earlier) and singing to herself for a good twenty minutes before Willow took out her camera and filmed Piper singing.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

MDSW 2013 Recap

Guess where I was today?  Somewhere south of here... fairgrounds... horrible traffic once you get within a mile of your destination?  You guessed it!  The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!


 Wearing a fabulous hat, nonetheless!


Would you believe I bought this hat at Home Depot?  Just squint your eyes a bit and imagine a mint julep in my hand - I could be at the Kentucky Derby!

 This had to be one of the best MDSW that I have been to in a long time.  The weather was beautiful - mild, and maybe only in the high 60s for most of the morning.  I wore my sports jacket all day - but there was a huge variance in what I saw other people wearing (everything from tank tops to fleece coats).

 I saw lots of animals, including mohair goats:




 Standoffish sheep:


 And the teeniest baby bunnies:


 The colors were amazing, too.




 Even the lack of color was beautiful:


 I came home with just four skeins of yarn:


 Two minty bars of soap:


 And two cherry tomato plants - one is a Black Cherry (a sweet purple cherry tomato) and the other a Sunpeach cherry (a pink-orange non-acidic cherry tomato):


 So, even despite the fact that I couldn't have any ice cream or kettle corn because of my temporary caps on my molars, I have to rank this up there as one of the best MDSWs I have ever been to... and I can't wait until next year!