Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And Here He Is!

Say hello to my beautiful new nephew, William. His parents haven't told me yet how they plan to shorten that - Willow doesn't quite get the pronunciation so she has been calling him "Willy Am.

He's quite the bruiser, isn't he? Well, his Daddy is 6'5" so he definitely has genetics in his favour.

I can't wait to hold him!

Monday, May 29, 2006

And Plus One is a...


William David M- was born by C-section at 9:07am this morning - which was a good thing because he ended up being transverse breach. Don't know what that is? Think of a baby doing the splits... He is 21 inches long, 8lbs 4.5oz, has dark curly hair and is all legs. I want pictures, Jaime! Good luck and much love to you and Chris!

Yippee! I'm an auntie again!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Would Like the Record to Show...

...that the Tangerine Dream was finished at least 12 hours before Plus One was born.

It is 10:45pm EST and Jaime's c-section is scheduled for 8:45am PST tomorrow morning...

Now, to finish Willow's halter top and start Satomi's baby present.

And sleep.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Juicy Red Goodness

Guess what we have in the garden right now?

Don't these look yummy?

I have posted many photos of my in-laws' garden over the last few weeks. In the years that I have lived on the east coast, I have come to divide my in-laws' garden in my mind: the flowers are my father-in-law's domain, and the fruit and vegetables my mother-in-law's domain. It's still early for produce, but we have been picking asparagus and rhubarb for the last few weeks and in this last week the strawberries have ripened in amazing numbers. Of course, getting to them before the slugs do is the trick - my mother-in-law places tin plates of cheap beer throughout the strawberry patches which you have to navigate around when you pick these juicy lovelies.

I have a new addiction. Battlestar Galactica ( ). Andrew is a fan, and I had watched the odd episode if he was watching it and I didn't want to give up my knitting perch. This past weekend he rented the entire first season from the local videostore and OMIGOD! I have been watching 3-4 episodes a night and getting away (rather sluggishly) on 5.5 - 6 hours of sleep a night. I only have one episode of the first season left to watch - and then the SCIFI channel is starting to replay the second season from the beginning next Friday. I really like this idea of being able to watch an entire series of television all at once - and I have been able to put a good 2 inches on Plus One's Tangerine Dream every night.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mia Hamm Reincarnated?

Willow really wants to play soccer - the problem is, she's only 3 years old and the leagues around here insist a child must be 4 years old to even play in the baby league (oh, they don't call it that, but it might as well be - the nets are only about 20 feet apart!). She will be old enough for the fall league, but that doesn't start until September and Willow doesn't understand why she has to wait. Here is a photo of the aspiring Mia-Hamm-to-be:

I had plenty more photos of flowers to show you, but they apparently were not willing to be uploaded at the moment - so I will try to get them up later. Here is a pink rhododendron from the backyard:

And a purple one with a black smudge in the middle:

I'm frantically trying to get the Tangerine Dream finished - my sister will be having a C-section on the 29th and I would like to get the blanket sent off as soon as possible.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Mother the Great!

I'm sorry for this belated Mother's Day post, but we have had some wicked thunder and lightning storms blowing through here each night, so I haven't been able to write a decent post. When I returned from Florida I found the dollowing pictures in my inbox, the first proving once again what an amazing knitter my Mom is:

This is the Pacific Northwest shawl from the pattern Mom bought from Elann. It called for lace weight yarn... but since most yarn in that category is wool and Mom is allergic to wool, she knit it from a light worsted weight acrylic - TLC brand, I believe. Isn't it gorgeous?!

And Mom, do you realize you inadvertantly supplied me with Project Spectrum photos? I've been strangely lacking in green photos this month, which is really odd because green is my favourite colour.

The second picture is of my Mom's fledgling clematis - she said it was merely a stick last year, so she is really proud of how it is growing:

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Guess Where I Have Been...

This was the view from my hotel room the last few days:

No, we were not on some fun-in-the-sun vacation - rather I was at a conference in my area of expertise at the Disney Resort... in Orlando, Florida. I kid you not - I was in Orlando the last four days, experiencing what felt like to me to be mid-August!

Here is a picture of the sunset Thursday night. My co-worker Marcie and I had just gone for a long walk along the Downtown Disney boardwalk, and were very happy to find a free ferry that took us back to the dock near our hotel!

There is a cool Lego World exhibit at Downtown Disney and the following pictures of statues are life-sized and look like real-life pixelated people:

Here is a close-up of the dogs:

And there was even a Lego dragon in the water:

Today was a whirlwind day - we woke up this morning to look at another house (very cute Cape Cod, but needing a new roof, air conditioning, and new windows... another $25K we aren't planning to spend), and then off to the annual Wilmington Flower Market. I'm a little murky on the beginnings of the festival, but here is a website that tells you a bit of what was planned: We made a beeline for the midway (and dropped a bundle on tickets - yikes! I don't understand why they don't offer a ride pass!) and let Willow go hog wild.

Willow and I on the carousel - this was Willow's first time being on the horse all by herself. She didn't want my help at all with balancing her on the horse (sniff!), so I climbed on the nearby pony and rode along:

Willow on a school-bus carousel:

And Willow and Andrew on the bumblebee ride:

Lots of fun was had by all and we are all a little pink now due to the hesitant sun this afternoon. The weather was playing games with us all day - we almost didn't go to the fair because it was raining this morning.

Oh... and the answer to what the woman is doing to Willow in the last post's picture? Willow is a sheep and the re-enactor is demonstrating how they shear the sheep (since all the sheep to be sheared had already been sheared for the season). I did find out they sell handspun wool there - for $35 for a 120 yard 2-ply skein! Yikes! Too rich for my blood!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Green Project Spectrum Package!

Thank you, Erin - for my Green Project Spectrum package - everything in the box (non-food, that is) smells like the gorgeous verbena bar of soap. The Toblerone is um... gone. I did share it. The Rowan Tween has some lovely flecks in it and I think it will make a wonderful hat. Thank you so much!

Willow had a field trip yesterday to a Colonial farm and we saw these cute beasties:

Hmm... I will twist this around the right way later - but I'll leave you to guess what this woman is doing to my daughter... I'll give you the answer in my next post ;)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rhododendrons and Azaleas Galore!

I wasn't kidding when I said that every week or so there is a different rhododendron or azalea blooming in the yard - here are some more examples.

A rhododendron along the driveway. This is another one with huge flowers - about the size of teacup saucers.

A pink azalea with yellow flame in the middle along the back of the house. This one is highly scented:

Another pretty scented azalea - this one a gorgeous dark coral with yellow in the middle:

I love this picture against the sky! I am getting better at the different fidgety controls on my digital camera. This is a pink and yellow rhodoendron in the backyard.

This is one of my current favourites - a dark crimson rhododendron along the side of the house. The flowers on this one are very waxy and unlike any of the other rhododendrons I have seen in the yard:

And its next plot neighbour, a vanilla-white rhododendron:

A pink and yellow azalea in the front with some columbines starting to poke their way up:

This is another one of my all-over favourite azaleas - rose/coral pink in the middle and white on the outsides:

I seem to have a lot of azaleas with yellow in the middle right now - and yes, they are all separate varieties:

A sunny orange rhododendron along the driveway - and this one is almost the exact colour of Plus One's Tangerine Dream:

I also received my Project Colorswap Green package today from Erin [ ] but the picture I took of it got washed out (so, I haven't perfected my use of said fidgety controls yet), so I will take another tomorrow and post it. Hopefully the Tobelorone will make it to tomorrow's photo session...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Spring is for Pretty Toes

It's getting warm enough here to warrant wearing sandals every day, so I treated myself to a spa pedicure this afternoon. Usually Willow is happy bring a book or two and sitting in the chair next to me... but not today. Today she was the clingy, Mama-mama-mama, weepy toddler that I always seem to think she has outgrown and insisted on sitting on my lap while the nice lady exfoliated, trimmed, scrubbed, shaped, anointed, and painted my toes. It was not easy trying to balance her on my lap (she is nearly 40 inches tall now and all legs) and pay attention to where the aesthetician wanted my feet to be, but we managed. Toward the end, Willow whispered to me, "Mama, I want my toes painted too." I told her she had to ask the lady, and said lady said it was fine. So, while I was under the drying lamp, Willow was still in the massage chair getting the star treatment. About ten minutes later the aesthetician comes out holding Willow in her arms and Willow has the same polish as me... with little daisies painted on her big toes! The aesthetician didn't charge us for Willow's treatment, so I left her an extra big tip - and Willow is the happiest girl in the world.

I'm not so happy... I'm going to miss the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival [ ] due to my own stupidity! For some reason I thought it was next weekend (May 13 - 14th) and had made arrangements to not see houses, not work, not do anything so I could go to this festival. Imagine my shock when I was reading Lolly's blog [ ] this afternoon and see the dates of the festival are *this* weekend. So, my own fault - so I look into when the New Jersey Sheep and Wool Festival [ ] is to make plans to attend that one is... only to find out that it has been cancelled! Delaware doesn't have a sheep and wool festival - we're known for our chickens and chemicals - not wool. The closest ones now are either Rheinbeck or one down in southern Virginia. Bah!

Well, at least I have pretty toes.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tangerine Dream Proof

See, Jaime - I'm really trying to get this finished before Plus One makes his/her appearance... even though the orange/yellow month for Project Spectrum is over and...

... I really want to get started on my green project for May - a halter top for Willow:

Isn't that a cute bag? I got it free with my subscription to Self Magazine - it is the best small project bag!

Not Quite What I Intended

I took some picture of my knitting to prove that I have been working on the Tangerine Dream... but the pictures are unwilling to unload right now, so they will have to wait until later.

In the meantime, here are some more flowers from my father-in-law's garden. A coral-red rhododendron from the side of the driveway:

A pale pink rhododenron from the backyard:

A voluminous azalea near the back door. This plant gets crazy big because the dryer vent is behind it so it gets a lot of warmth:

Yeah. Excuse the confused look - I don't know what is up with how she was standing, either.

Another coral azalea from the backyard:

And Mom - this one is for you since it is purple - a rhododendron from the front: