Monday, September 26, 2005

Photography (and Photographer) Issues

I do have a good reason for not updating much lately - you may have read a post or two ago that somehow my digital camera broke en route to San Francisco. I did pick up another one when I got back - it's a Vivitar 3915 cheapie from Target. However, I only broke it out of its box and started to read the instructions last night. Then after doing some research on public opinion, went out and bought some high capacity rechargeable batteries to power the little machine. Amazing that it can suck through brand new batteries in less than an hour! The other issue, asthe title implies, is that Andrew thinks it is such a chore when I ask him to take a picture of me in my finished objects... and gets further annoyed that I want to set up the pic in a certain direction. (insert imaginary pic of me rolling my eyes)

I have finished the Knitty Sweetness sweater - I really like it - and when I took it into work I had so many compliments on the colour. It's made out of Lion Brand Homespun and was a pale aqua and mauve colourway - so the sweater is striped without me even trying. I need to wash the sweater, so I may not have a picture in here until the weekend.

Of course, finishing one project means I have to run headlong into another. I started working on a top-down raglan pullover for Willow in a red/orange/yellow/magenta varigated yarn. It's bright as hell, but she loves it.


Anonymous said...

Yay! An update! Finally :-)

Tanks jo

Steve said...

Tell your husband that he should be ashamed at his unwillingness to take pictures...

And to think that we were once fellow photographers, wandering the streets of Newark in search of the perfect frame... tsk tsk tsk.

How you folks doin' anyways?

Recently emerged from the woodwork,

Jo said...

Steve -

I just tried emailing you and didn't get through at what I thought was your email address. Email me at jochibi AT yahoo dot com PLEASE!