Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rest, Irving.

I knew there had to be some other reason I was upset today. I went to the CBC website to catch up on my daily Canadiana and came across this:

The man, the poet, from whom I derived this blog's title, died today. I'm sure he was a lecherous old man given his poetry, but I loved him anyway.

An excerpt from 'Look, The Lambs Are All Around Us'

"Your figure, love,
curves itself
into a man's memory;
or to put it the way
a junior prof
at Mount Allison might,
Helen with her thick
absconding limbs
about the waist
of Paris
did no better."

And to finish with a line from Irving Layton's 'Compositions in Late Spring'

Rest, Irving.

"Death is a name for beauty not in use."

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