Monday, February 06, 2006

Denim and Seascapes

Woo-hoo! I received my first Knitty SP6 package today... and my SP6 is from England. She sent me these lovely skeins - the two small ones are a denim blue alpaca, which I think will be destined to become mittens for me (so soft - I won't be able to stop touching my face!). The larger skein is by a company called Silkwood - which must be British because I have never seen it before here. The colourway is called 'seascapes' and it is many shades of blue with a little lavender tossed in. I'm a little stumped for a project for this - it's 100m of bulky weight wool. I bet it I made a felted bag of it the colourway would be shown off well. Thank you SP6! The background is the gorgeous pashmina shawl my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas - I thought it would be a nice change from my blah-beige chesterfield.

I tried posting this picture on the weekend, but I wasn't able to. This is from the previous week. If you look at the picture carefully, you will notice that Willow and I are wearing the same clothes... she had decided she wanted to be my twin. I don't know when this 'just like Mommy' phase is going to end, so I'm sucking it up for all it is worth. She was wearing her Nippertail hat - but was most upset that her pigtails weren't coming out the holes (I didn't have any elastics with me).


The last bit of hardware I needed to start my Knitting Olympics project - 16 inch Addi Turbos in size 6. Yeah right, like I needed a reason to spend money on these lovelies! Willow wanted to be in the picture - but apparently on her own terms.


chris said...

Your new yarn is lovely! I love the Silkwood colorway. I think a bag is a great idea, too! And Willow is just adorable- I especially love the Addi Turbo pose. ;-) Take care, Jo! :-)

Anonymous said...

Willow looks so grown up since I last saw her, tell her to slow down Jo!!!Love Jaimes