Thursday, August 03, 2006

Precious Little Knitting...

... going on, that is.

It's just too damn hot. I don't think it has quite made it to the century mark yet, but the RealFeel(C) or Humidex factor has pushed it way above that and it is so uncomfortable. Willow and I have been heading straight to the pool after work and playing there until Andrew gets home and I am finding that for the first time since I was about 10 years old I have a tan. Not nearly as dark as Willow - but I am attributing lack-of-purpleness to my diligence with the sunscreen. And this is the first summer that we have gone through multiple tubes of sunscreen - I think we are up to number 4 or 5 now.

The last few days I have read a couple of articles about how the heat is making people short-tempered and nasty... Hell, I don't need to the heat to achieve that! I was in traffic this morning and saw some twit drop some cigarette butts and other garbage into the street just ahead of me. Was she dropped on the head as a child? I wished I had a horn on my car that played an annoying nasal voice saying, "Litterbug! Litterbug!" and then just follow her around until she was so embarrassed she came around and picked it up again. I always see signs on the road saying there is a $50 - $500 fine for littering... and I have never seen that enforced.

Bah. Teri, can I move up with you in the Yukon?


Anonymous said...

I think the littering goes on up there too! But just think what you could do with 23.5 hours of daylight!
Love & Hugs
PS I realize you were talking about the humidity.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can! We may have a few litterbugs - but with only 33,000 people in the whole territory, how many can there really be?...... not near as many as you have down there!!!

Besides, I think she was looking for relief from the heat.....