Friday, November 24, 2006

5 for Dulaan Done :)

And the rest is gravy :) Really, that would have been a much cuter joke had I been able to post this entry last night when it was still Thanksgiving... but the second hat here (and Dulaan project number 5) didn't come off the needles until long after my model had gone to bed last night.

Here is the Girl's Ridged Helmet:

The pattern for this helmet came from a very old Patons pattern book my Mom gave me - so old that not only is there no copyright date in it (I looked), but most patterns don't even have a gauge. The pattern for this one said "use this yarn and these needles or we cannot ensure good results" or something like that. I knew the yarn indicated (Patons Canadiana) is worsted weight, so I pulled a ball out of my leftover bag and started. It is a *very* simple pattern - the part that goes over the head is knit as a rectangle (with slight shaping in the last few rows) and then stitches are picked up at the bottom for the neckband. Buttons courtesy of my mother-in-law - I love it when people have containers of buttons to choose from - I remember my Mom had a container like that as well when I was a kid. Willow seems to think the neck is a bit snug for her (but she is sensitive to things being around her neck), so I think the with size 6s and worsted weight it would fit a a 3 year old. I think I will bump it up a needle size next time and extend the button tab a bit to give more ease at the neck.

This hat is knit from the free Berroco yarn (it is a wool/acrylic mix) I received at Stitches East back at the beginning of the month. I think the stripe pattern is quite interesting - completely yarn-derived, but in all the hat I couldn't find a discernible repeat pattern.

I'm really happy to have these 5 projects finished for Dulaan - and I already have others planned and on the needles :)


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! You got your 5 already! (sadly mine will be after the holidays!)

Willow is a great model! Nice job! :)

turtlegirl76 said...

That last hat looks noroish! Very cool. And free!

And look! Normal pics of Willow!