Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't Touch That Dial!

Why is it that I am not even an American citizen, but I am addicted to watching the Democratic National Convention?

One of these days (probably sooner rather than later) I will have to pony up and get the citizenship paperwork done. I've lived in the US for ten years now, and as much as this probably breaks my mother's heart, I don't see us ever moving to Canada. Andrew couldn't practice law there and I don't think I would ever get the job I have now (which I love despite that it is running me a bit ragged right now) or anything close to it in Canada.

I suppose it is the identity that is harder to give up. I know that the Canadian government does not recognize the renunciation of former citizenship statement you must make when becoming an American citizen. But it's a part of me, you know?

Oh, it's much too late at night and I'm getting a bit maudlin. I hope Andrew appreciates everything I slough off to be here with him. Name, country, citizenship... my head hurts thinking about it all.


Shan said...

Oh, dear, I can't stand the thought. Isn't there any way for you to NOT give it up? Why can't you go on as you are? It's not as if giving it up will make you magically Belong'll always be Canadian...

I am going through this same discussion with my brother who is all "I'm never gonna get back, I might as well give up my citizenship" and I think it's a horror to even contemplate.

Bezzie said...

I sorta know what you're talking about. The Average Ignorant American seems to think that Alaska isn't part of the US. But I haven't even been back in almost 9 years and I figure the only way we'll ever make it back there is if we retire up there. I know it's not the same as a nationality, but the differences between the Lower 48 and AK are immense.

Do they grant dual citizenship?

Discoknits said...

Oh, we're in the same boat. I'm looking at US Citizenship in a couple of years too. I've been here from the UK almost 4 yrs now. I think you don't have to give up your Canadian passport though? I won't be giving up my British passport. And my oldest has both British and US passports. (The younger will have British when we get round to the paperwork).

As long as I have my British passport I will still be a Brit. I think it is just that the US won't recognize your Canadian Citizenship, not that you give it up entirely. That's my view anyway.

And I'm addicted to the whole race for president thing. It's really interesting to see how it all plays out. CNN is my friend :0) (Anderson being the 'boy'friend ;0) )

Jo said...

Unfortunately, in the US gov't's eyes, dual citizenship is only granted to children - and even then they have to make a decision later on as adults. In Canada's eyes I would be a dual citizen, and I don't think I have to give up my passport. And to the US, I would be an American.

Shan - the reasons why have everything to do with social security. Without American citizenship I cannot claim any of it - even if something should happen to Andrew, I couldn't claim his benefits either.

Anderson Cooper, huh? I've been watching CNN non-stop and Wolfie needs to relax.

Unknown said...

Can you be dual???