Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mystery Vegetable... please help!

We picked up our first CSA share this morning, and this is what we have:


Clockwise from top left:

  • 3 beets (currently cooking right now - I'm the only one who likes them - and I like them cold and sliced up)
  • 1 acorn squash - nice sized - we will get at least two meals out of that one
  • cilantro (I plan to make fresh salsa later this week - I love cilantro!)
  • 1 large head of lettuce
  • 4 Pink Lady apples (I plan to make an apple cake with these)
  • green onions
  • ? 
We have no clue what that last herb/vegetable is with the yellow flowers - and so have no idea what to do with it.  Does anyone know what it is?  I've put it in the refrigerator for the time being.  Please help!


dad said...

hi jo
dad here i think you have mustard greens

love dad

tara said...

I was going to say greens too. Let us know how it is.

Batty said...

What a great box! I love cilantro too -- it's also fabulous with chopped avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, bit of salt/pepper and some red pepper flakes -- you can make a bruschetta type thing out of it and eat it on bread.

The mystery vegetable... no idea. Since the consensus is it's mustard greens, I guess it's mustard greens.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go against consensus and guess that your mystery green is either broccoli rabe (rapini) or arugula. Either way, enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

It looks like what is called "nanohana" in Japan (the flower is the Chiba Prefecture flower.) The taste is close to a mustard green, so it might be related - a little bitter.