Wednesday, August 04, 2010

WiP It Wednesday

Once again, to prove to you that I have been knitting, here are a few of my current WIPs:

Arm #1 of Willow's Mi Escuelita cardigan.


I cannot even tell you how many times I got about 3 - 4 inches into the cuff, hates how the increases were working out, then ripped it all out. The sleeve is a 2x2 rib, but you are increasing once on each side of the marker every 6 rows. You are supposed to incorporate the increases into the rib, but no matter how I did it, it looked ugly. I'm very much OCD about symmetry - so in the end, I decided to increase only as knit stitches until I had six stitches on either side of the marker, and then incorporated the ribbing - it gave me the inverted arrow series of knit stitches denoted by the yellow in the picture. Not as the pattern intended, but it satisfied my need for symmetry. I hate working with dpns - so I was happy to pick up a 9" circular at Stitches With Style - the sleeve sped along after that.

And this is my Jaywalker Experiment:


An experiment, you say? Looks like a normal Jaywalker to me... maybe I should call it a Reverse Mullet Jaywalker... party in the front -


Business in the back!

This is my third attempt at Jaywalkers, and it bugs me to know end that I can't get these pretty socks over my cankles. So, I decided to do the chevron pattern in the front and just knit the back, like the foot of Jaywalkers. It's working well, and I think there is a small chance that these might actually fit me.

Here's what they look like from the side:


I haven't started knitting anything for the baby yet - does anyone have some cute suggestions for me?


mom said...

when we find out the sex......

tara said...

Ditto. I'm not making saying anything until I know. Gender neutral fabric is so boring.
And because I cant wait until I know I am making something of each.

Zonda said...

So hoping these RM jaywalkers work for you!! Perserverence for sure! I think the sleeve looks fine too, that's what I love about knitting, we can make it work how we want(or can tolerate :)

Unknown said...

Don't have a clue for suggestions but I do think you do pretty work. The only thing I have every been able to do that was tedious is building miniature log cabins complete with miniature furniture. Oh and one time it turned out to be a church with pews, podium and stained glass windows. That was fun. Hope you have had a great week.

Elizabeth said...

My jaywalkers didn't fit either, if that's any consulation. Actually, one pair did and the other didn't. Guess I didn't have the right yarn to get guage.
As for suggestions for knitting baby things. Go to my blog and look under "Blogs I read". Look up McIntyre Knits (Snooks). Befriend her on Ravelry (look for Snooks) as she is always finding darling children's knitting projects that may give you some ideas. (Just a suggestion)

Karen said...

the ducky socks from Knitty!! Perfect for boy or girl and way too adorable for words! :)

And I'm curious to see how your modified jaywalkers turn out...I may have to investigate that for myself.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Love the pink socks! But really, I'm so behind in blog reading I just found out your are pregnant! Congratulations Jo!! SO excited for you!

tara said...

its wednesday again. no slacking just cause you cookin

freshisle said...

I think that's a great mod for the jaywalkers.
p2designs has some lovely baby things -