Saturday, March 03, 2012

Birthday Swap!

I participated in a Birthday Swap in February - the owls from my last post were what I made and sent to my downstream partner. Today I received my package from my upstream partner, which had an adorable little vest for Piper:


Of course, getting her to sit/stand long enough to take a picture was pretty much nigh-impossible today, but trust me, it's a cute vest.


(We put up the gate at the top of the first set of steps this morning, and Piper is fascinated with it.)

There were some goodies for me in the package, too:


I'm intrigued by the chocolate with chili - I've never tried that before. I know the salted caramel chocolate won't last long. And Willow has already requested socks with the yarn my partner sent - my challenge now is to keep my knitting up with her rapidly growing feet! Thank you very much!


Teri said...

Let me know about the chili choco - I've been wanting to try it too!

Kaye said...

So cute!!!

And I feel your pain. I'm done knitting Chunky socks til he stops growing...I can't keep up!

Lifesastitch said...

I've been craving CVS salted chocolate but they don't have it in Canada. I'm going to order it online next time I head stateside.