Sunday, September 16, 2012

Orange-belted Willow

Willow TWD Orange Belt

Willow has moved up to the next level in her Taekwondo classes! This one has been a long time in coming, not necessarily because it was more difficult, but because there were so many weekends in the summer where there were no classes or she had a conflicting birthday party to attend or we were in another country... Willow says that what she likes best about Taekwondo is that Taekwondo gives her the means to control herself when she gets angry or aggravated by other people.

Onto the green belt!


Kaye said...

Yeah that's a REALLY useful skill to have as an adult! LOL! WTG Willow!

Terilee said...

Yay Willow! Remind me not to get her mad - especially since she's probably bigger than me already!

Discoknits said...

Well done Willow. TKD rocks! Ha-yah!

Gramma said...

Congratulations!! .....I thought you were alot more 'peaceful' this summer!
Love & Hugs

Lifesastitch said...

Great coping skill for a young person!