Friday, July 22, 2005

At the Birthday Party

At the Birthday Party Posted by Picasa
We had a birthday party at Willow's school for her today. Next to her are her friends Haley and Marisa. Haley is wearing one of the party hats we made for the party. I bought a dozen of the visors at Michael's for fifty cents a piece and some self-adhesive teddy bear foam stickers. Marisa (in red) is the youngest and smallest girl in Willow's class, and she loves me. I bend down to get a kiss and hug from Willow, and Marisa swoops in to give me one, too. Willow gets a bit jealous sometimes, but I tell her she has to learn to share. Someday (not anytime in the next 9 months - relax!) she will have a sibling. Willow and I made the cupcakes and iced them last night. Willow was very specific - "I want yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing!"


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I hope it was a good party and you had lots of fun!!
Lots of Love & Hugs