Monday, March 16, 2009

Skating, Socks, and a Woo-hoo!

We went to Soren's (Willow's fiance, don't you know) birthday party yesterday afternoon - by my count it was Willow and 9 boys, and let me tell you, she was skating circles around them.

Willow Skating 1

Literally. I think the skating lessons she has been taking these last few weeks have been a sound investment, and she really seems to be enjoying herself on the ice. I wish I wasn't so afraid of injury so I could get back out there with her!

Willow skating close up

You can't really tell here because I couldn't get my camera in position quick enough, but she was showing me she can skate on one leg.

The birthday party dynamic was interesting - in this group of six-and-seven year olds, the line was already drawn in the sand. At one point the boys were all dog-pile wrestling on each other, and Willow took a flying leap and landed on top of which point the boys all stopped and said, "You're a girl!" Soren's dad, Stefan thought this was hilarious. Willow didn't seem to care until the boys started playing shoot 'em up Star Wars games and apparently she wasn't making the proper swoosh sounds and they started ignoring her. Take heart, darling - they will all regret ignoring girls later.

I managed to finish the first of my Kermit socks this weekend - after they sat for about a week with only the kitchnering of the toes not completed.

Kermit Sock A

The colour in that picture is deceptive - to me the Kermit green is the dominant colour in the socks, but it certainly doesn't look like it in that picture. Here's a better representation of the sock colour:

Kermit Sock close up

I'm a little puzzled over what to wear these socks with - because of my job I don't get to wear jeans often (we pay for the privilege on Fridays). Does anyone ever knit socks to match clothes they know they can wear to work?

And as for the woo-hoo...

As of today I have exercised for 20 days straight - even Sundays! I'm really pleased with myself and I feel great. I even managed to do something different today by attending a water aerobics class rather than just hitting the cardio room.

Woo-hoo me!


Zonda said...

Definately woohoo you! :) She looks so cute in the skates! Those boys! ;) Love the sock. As for me, I wear hospital issued scrubs so I try to wear obnoxious socks!

Beverly said...

Yay Jo! You rock!

My work attire is business casual, which translates into khakis, casual slacks, capris, sweaters, etc. So I don't have too much trouble matching my handknit socks to my outfits. Of course, there are always those days when I just don't care that my feet don't match the rest of my attire - I just want to wear my comfy, pretty socks, darnit!

Discoknits said...

Go Willow!

Go Jo! Awesome you for all that exercising :0)

And beautiful sock, to boot :0)

Suna Kendall said...

Wow, that is a really nice color of yarn, Kermit-y or not.

Trillian42 said...

20 days straight? That's AWESOME!

And do my eyes deceive me? TWO pictures of Willow with her eyes OPEN?! She's growing up to be quite the beauty - in a few years, those boys will REALLY regret ignoring her. :D

cpurl17 said...

She is just the prettiest girl. I can't believe how tall she's getting. (I can't believe I sound like my mother)

Socks are cute!! I work in a "business casual" environment but mostly I wear my handknit socks on Fridays, when I wear jeans.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo to you Joey! Can we say 'Yay'??!!

I wear my handknit socks with my dressy ankle boots at work. Only downside? I have to take my shoes off to show them off!

Anonymous said...

I am full of admiration for your exercise schedule. Way to go!

Lovely socks!

The socks that I've actually knit for myself are saved for home.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Woohoo!! That is awesome!! Keep it up!!

Love that Willow is out skating the boys!! She looks soooooo cute!

Love the Kermit socks! Just love them!

Unknown said...

Willow is so adorable!

Those socks would look great with khaki's!

lin said...