Thursday, March 26, 2009

What My Birthday Says About Me

You know, I was all prepared to scoff at these results, but then this came up:

Your Birthday Predicts You're Logical

Ever since you were born, you've been very practical.

You focus on how things are instead of how they should be. You cope well.

You love fact and figures. You crunch numbers like a pro, and you're naturally analytical.

You don't give into your emotions. You are ruled by your head - not by your heart.

The bit about loving facts and figures and crunching numbers like a pro - that is me, dead on. I love it when someone gives me a task that starts with, "Factor in the current CPI-U and extrapolate what the..." Who knew! I like to think I'm all artsy-fartsy, but the truth is I am entranced by numbers and facts.


Anonymous said...

Right on for you!!!
I'm fearless??? Not sure about that!!!
Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

Did I miss the birthday? Or is this a random quiz???