Saturday, March 12, 2011

Piper's Favourite Place To Be


I think we have mastered the Cradle Hold! She also likes the Lotus position (facing forward), but I find that one a bit awkward once she falls asleep because I worry about her head drooping down. Thank heavens for the Moby Wrap - I wish I had one of these 8+ years ago when Willow was little. I did make myself a ring sling, but never was comfortable carrying Willow in it.

And look what we found in our front garden yesterday:


There is so much yard work that needs to get done - Andrew mows the long, but I do the rest of the weeding, pruning, planting, etc. - and all that got sidelined from summer on last year because I was pregnant. I am not even sure where to begin right now.


Discoknits said...

That looks comfy Jo :0) And yay for spring flowers. They are blooming here too and the sun is shining:0)

Kaye said...

Too cute!

I gotta ask though--would you wear her if her birthday was in July? I saw so many babies being worn and MDS&W last year--and you remember how hot it was. Ugh!

I tried wearing Mooch but he was just too damn warm. And that was January and February!

Zonda said...

My daughter loved being in the sling! I had to do everything with her in it on me ;)

Michelle said...

She looks cozy and content. It's so nice to see the start of Spring.....