Friday, March 04, 2011

Finished Object Friday

Okay, Cristi is going to wag her finger at me, but the actual knitting of this project was finished before Christmas. And I gave the sweater to Willow for Christmas...


... it just hadn't been washed and blocked yet. And then the sweater sat on the ironing board near my washing machine for the next 8 weeks, during which time my Mom said if I didn't block the sweater soon it wasn't even going to fit Willow. It wasn't until over a week after that (um, today) that I threw it in the wash with some other darks and had time to dig out the blocking panels and lay it out. If it doesn't fit her now I am going to kick myself. I didn't worry about blocking the sleeves since it was all stretchy 2x2 ribbing.

Anyway, other stuff has been going on here at Casa Crankypants - I think Lucky has finally made peace with Piper - or at least with Piper's things. This next photo I understand - the flowered blanket is very soft, and had been in the sunshine, so probably was nice and warm as well:


This photo, however, confounds me a little. I'm not sure what Lucky is getting out of sleeping in the donut hold of the Boppy.


Piper is doing well, too - we had her one month check up this week, and happily found out that she had gained a pound and a half from her initial appointment and grown two inches. She now sits at 8 pounds even and 20.5 inches. It's a little odd to think that it has taken her 4 weeks to achieve what Willow was at birth!


As you can see, Piper's right ear is taped down right now - that ear is very floppy and tends to fold closed when she nurses on my left side. Her pediatrician said that newborn's cartilage can still be guided (it hasn't solidified yet), so we are taping down her ear for the next while in hopes that the ear calms down.


Kaye said...

I love your ped!!! Mine told me not to worry about Chunky sleeping with his ear folded over when he was little "Oh it won't stick like that."

Yeah guess what? It stuck like that. Of course sounds sexist, but I don't think it's such a big deal w/a boy as it is w/a girl.

Teri said...

I think Mom had to tape your ear down too....

Zonda said...

Hope the sweater fits her ok! My cat loves to sleep in our reusable freezer shopping bag, they pick weird places don't they! Interesting information on her ear too.

mom said...

Like mother like daughter...Teri is correct!!!
Love & Hugs

Batty said...

Hope the sweater fits, it's lovely! And... I'm glad the cat enjoys the baby toys. All hail the feline masters of the world! They have us believing we're the dominant species around here, but in reality, we're there to serve them.

Piper is adorable. Hope her ear stays folded to her head -- the tape sounds like a neat idea. I love non-invasive stuff like that.