Monday, December 13, 2010

Due February 2011 Swap Package

My apologies! This post has been sitting in the queue since Friday and I haven't had a chance to add text.

I received my 'Due in February 2011' swap package last week, and to my surprise, my upstream partner this time was my downstream partner from the last swap - Lucy. Lucy lives in the UK, and she sent me these lovelies:


I completely squeed over the card - I absolutely love Licorice Allsorts, and Andrew can't stand them. He won't even kiss me if I have been eating them. I cut the card up into bookmarks to use later - if I can't eat licorice right now (they can jack up your blood pressure if you have hypertension), at least I can look at them. Lucy also included some muslin blankets, some great bright-coloured baby socks, some sweets (which Willow immediately laid claim to), and a beautifully soft tam and pair of booties.

A close up of the cabled booties:


A close up of the tam:


Another close up so you can see the different colour around the brim:


Lucy did a fantastic job with the pom-pom - mine never look that plush or filled out. Thank you, Lucy!

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