Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WiP It Wednesday

Sprog 12.8.10

Yep, another Sprog ultrasound. One of my co-workers said that Sprog almost looks big enough to come out - no no no! Willow and I were in Carter's earlier this week, and she was frothing over the baby's first Christmas outfits. I had to put a stop to that right away - we definitely don't want Sprog to come out before Christmas.

I do have knitting WiPs also going on right now, but most of them are Christmas presents or birthday presents, so I can't post pictures of them without spoiling the surprise.


kingshearte said...

That's OK. The sprog totally counts as a WIP.

When my mom was pregnant (and renovating the house), she had a shirt that said "Under Construction." You should get a "WIP" shirt.

Zonda said...

Wow!! I still can't get over these U/S's! That is an amazing face shot!

Kaye said...

Well Christmas babies are pretty cool if they're fully cooked. ;-)

I'm still crossing my fingers for a Groundhog Sprog. It even rhymes! Ha ha!